Motion Control & Electronics Design Engineer

Motion Control & Electronics Design Engineer

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Role Description
Our goal is to design, integrate and manufacture multi-disciplinary systems to the semiconductor industry. The motion control design includes motion systems with high accuracy and repeatability, high dynamic and complex vibration and environmental conditions.    

Key responsibilities
• Define Motion Control solutions for multidisciplinary system‘s and sub-modules.
• Motion control system tuning, stability and time optimization to meet spec.
• System level integration (both HW and SW).
• System qualification, proof of design, inspection and troubleshooting guides for designed motion control or electronics modules and subsystems.
• Design electronics interface to operate motion systems.
• Leading technical design reviews. 
To succeed in this role, you should have the following skills and experience:

• B.Sc./ M.Sc majored in Motion Control Engineering (Electrical Engineering) or Mechatronics. 
• 3+ years of Motion Control or Mechatronics - advantage
• Experience with multidisciplinary systems development - advantage
• Practical knowledge of the principles of motion control Systems - advantage
• Systems integration skills.
• Good communication skills in inter-cultural environment. 
• Ability to work in Multi-tasking environment.
• Technical leading skills.

About us:
Nova is a leading innovator and a key provider of metrology solutions for advanced process control used in semiconductor manufacturing. Nova is headquartered in Rehovot and is listed at the top 20 companies in the Globs D&B the best HiTech companies to work at.

If you enjoy working with people who share the passion for science, math and innovation and have advanced problem resolution skills, you belong with us!