Optical Metrology Applications Scientist

Optical Metrology Applications Scientist

United States
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Role Description
Responsibilities & Duties: 

• Develop optical metrology applications for Nova’s products in semiconductor manufacturing
• Support company’s activities on-site and at other key accounts as necessary – projects include beta evaluations, new product introduction, head-to-head evaluations, customer production ramp, etc.
• Provide on-site application support to Nova’s OEM partners
• Solve application problems received from customer End Users, Applications Manager and Nova Service team in a timely manner
• Develop a good working relationship with Nova customers and Nova employees
• Test new features in Nova’s products and make proposals for software/hardware changes to support new capabilities
• Train & update customers, peers in the applications group and other Nova employees
• Assist End Users and Nova service engineers in troubleshooting Nova products in the field
• Maintain a high level of knowledge of the semiconductor process and industry trends
• Remain involved and up-to-date with new application solutions and products 
• Perform demos and make presentations to Nova customers as required
• Support development of new application features and assist in their market penetration
• Support various pre and post sales activities and assist in marketing activities
• Provide assistance with other key projects as necessary

General Requirements: 

• Be familiar with customer operating methods, procedures, and policy
• Adhere to customers’ site policies and guidelines with regard to performance and behavior
• Maintain customers’ information with the utmost confidentiality
• Be polite, cordial, considerate, and respectful when communicating with customers, vendors and fellow employees
• Perform at all times within the boundaries of all applicable laws
• Perform with the highest degree of integrity and dignity
• Perform at all times within the boundaries of Nova’s company policy
• Be able to work additional hours in order to complete the tasks, as required
• Be able to travel both domestic and international
• Support other duties as assigned