Advanced Research Manager

Advanced Research Manager

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Role Description
The CTO group at Nova is looking for an experienced top-notch physicist with algorithm background lead a team and be responsible for concept and feasibility of novel physics-based algorithmic directions for Nova. 
Nova’s CTO group was established as a way to create an influx of new technologies into our portfolio. This expansion of capabilities is critical for answering the exploding diversity of challenges and needs arising from the fast-developing semiconductor industry.
This team, comprised of both theoretical and experimental physicists, conducts high-risk high-gain R&D of next-generation technologies, looking both into novel utilization of our current technologies as well as entirely new directions.

What will you do as CTO advanced research manager?
In this role you will manage a small research team, responsible primarily for the development of physics-based modeling and algorithms, including identification, study and initial feasibility tests. In addition, you will be involved and have a potential to impact the early stage R&D of new dimensional and material metrology technologies.

What will make you succeed in the role?
This position requires both high-end innovation and technical proficiency, with excellent managerial and inter-personal capabilities. In short, you will need to come up with many great ideas, and know how to ‘fail early’ identifying the most promising paths to take.
The right education and experience background: M.Sc./Ph.D. in Physics; Affiliation to theoretical physics & algorithms development; Acquaintance with diverse algorithmic methods and strong mathematical background: over 5 years of R&D experience in physics; Must have managerial experience with excellent interpersonal skills. 

The extra spice
Extraordinary scientific skills with multi-disciplinary approach.
Innovative by nature, but with ability to deliver.
Not scared of a good challenge!
This position has the potential of playing a pivotal role in defining Nova’s differentiated capabilities, with potentially high impact on the company’s roadmap.

Who is Nova?
• Nova provides insights into process control in the world’s most technologically advanced industry. We employ physics, math, algorithms, software and hardware expertise to redefine the limits of possible in semiconductors’ manufacturing.
• We invite you to join our dreamers and winners! Brilliant high aimers who see impossible as the starting point to exciting challenges and work together in multidisciplinary global teams to find answers. 
• We dive deep into the nanometric and atomic levels to extract unique insights and provide our customers and partners with crucial decision-making data. Each and every one of us helps redefine what people can achieve through technology. 
Why Nova:
• Fortune magazine chose Nova as one of the fastest growing companies in the world in 2018 and 2019. 
• Because our 650 employees love coming to work every day in our 18 offices across the globe and share their passion for technology and innovation. 
• Nova is rated as one of best 25 hi-tech companies to work for by both BDI and Dun & Bradstreet in 2019 
• Our offices are pretty awesome (and so are the people who work in them)! Take a look 
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