Our Hiring Process


Your first step to becoming a Nova team member starts here! Let us know what interests you most by submitting your application.

Phone interview

We’d like to tell you about Nova, our technologies and culture and to review the role and its responsibilities. It’s your opportunity to share your experience and help us to briefly get acquainted.

Professional interviews

The professional interview is meant to deepen our acquaintance with your professional abilities and aspirations. This is also our opportunity to get to know you better as an individual and a team player and to tell you more about the specific work environment you are designated to work in (team structure, manager, roles & responsibilities).

HR interview

We’d like to get to know you better as an individual. This is our opportunity to tell you about our values and culture and for you to share your experience and tell us about your achievements and strength along your career.

Job offer

Significant efforts are invested in designing an offer that will be based on criteria of internal and external fairness. At this point we invite you to receive a competitive job offer prepared by our HR.