Applications Scientist (Optical Metrology)

Applications Scientist (Optical Metrology)

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Role Description

Nova is a leading innovator and key provider of dimensional and materials metrology solutions for advanced process control used in semiconductor manufacturing. Nova provides its customers with the vital process insight and clarity needed to produce cutting-edge semiconductor devices for the most advanced markets.

Nova is a pioneer in industrializing x-ray and optical technologies for semiconductor inline process control, enabling advanced measuring of both dimensions and material properties throughout the chip fabrication lifecycle. Nova’s holistic metrology approach combines robust high-precision hardware with the finest software modeling which interlaces machine learning and big data within integrated and stand-alone configurations. Our unique portfolio enables semiconductor manufacturers to gain deeper insight throughout the fabrication process while increasing yields and shortening time to market.


·      Develop, transfer and sustain optical CD metrology applications for Nova’s products at a key semiconductor account located in Ireland

·      Support company’s activities on-site and at other key accounts as necessary – projects include process transfers between fabs, metrology tool start-up support, customer production ramp, etc.

·      Provide on-site application support to Nova’s strategic customer

·      Solve application problems received from customer End Users, Applications Manager and Nova Service team in a timely manner

·      Develop a good working relationship with Nova customers and Nova employees

·      Test new features in Nova’s products and make proposals for software/hardware changes to support new capabilities

·      Train & update customers, peers in the applications group and other Nova employees

·      Assist End Users and Nova service engineers in troubleshooting Nova products in the field

·      Maintain a high level of knowledge of the semiconductor process and industry trends

·      Remain involved and up-to-date with new application solutions and products

·      Perform demos and make presentations to Nova customers as required

·      Support development of new application features and assist in their market penetration

·      Support various pre and post sales activities and assist in marketing activities

·      Provide assistance with other key projects as necessary


Minimum Qualifications

 ·      Be familiar with customer operating methods, procedures, and policy

·      Adhere to customers’ site policies and guidelines with regard to performance and behavior

·      Maintain customers’ information with the utmost confidentiality

·      Be polite, cordial, considerate, and respectful when communicating with customers, vendors and fellow employees

·      Perform within the boundaries of all applicable laws at all times

·      Perform with the highest degree of integrity and dignity

·      Perform within the boundaries of Nova’s company policy at all times

·      Be able to work additional hours in order to complete the tasks, as required

·      Be able to travel both domestic and international

·      Support other duties as assigned

Desired Skills & Experience

· Ph.D. or Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Material Science or relevant field

· Strong knowledge of optical metrology systems

· Strong analytical and problem solving skills

· Excellent communicator