Field Algorithm Engineer

Field Algorithm Engineer

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Role Description

The algorithm group at Nova is looking for a field algorithm engineer to be their front-man on the customer site.

  • Nova provides insights into process control in the world’s most technologically advanced industry. We employ physics, math, algorithms, software and hardware expertise to redefine the limits of possible in semiconductors’ manufacturing.
  • We invite you to join our dreamers and winners! Brilliant high- aimers who see impossible as the starting point to exciting challenges, and work together in multidisciplinary global teams to find answers. 
  • We dive deep, into the nanometric and atomic levels, to extract unique insights and provide our customers and partners with crucial decision-making data. Each and every one of us helps redefine what people can achieve through technology. 

  • PhD/MsC in physics or similar (material sciencesemiconductorelectrical engineeringopticsmathsimilar).
  • High proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • Permanently located at advanced customer R&D site.
  • Travel to Israel – for relatively long periods of time (up to 1 month each time).
  • Programming – python proficient.
  • Machine learning and data science experience  - advantage
  • Experience in the semiconductor industry – advantage