Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer

United States
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Role Description

Nova Measuring Instruments is a leading innovator and a key provider of metrology solutions for advanced process control used in semiconductor manufacturing. The company maintains its technological edge by continuously introducing advanced capabilities and extensions of its technology portfolio. The company’s continuous product innovation combines robust high-precision optical and X-ray design with unique algorithms and software modeling engines, best in class in the industry.  

  • Nova provides insights into process control in the world’s most technologically advanced industry. We employ physics, math, algorithms, software and hardware expertise to redefine the limits of possible in semiconductors’ manufacturing.
  • We invite you to join our dreamers and winners! Brilliant high- aimers who see impossible as the starting point to exciting challenges, and work together in multidisciplinary global teams to find answers.
  • We dive deep, into the nanometric and atomic levels, to extract unique insights and provide our customers and partners with crucial decision-making data. Each and every one of us helps redefine what people can achieve through technology.


We simply do things differently. What about you?

You’ll be joining the Materials Metrology Division team:

Our MMD team has a collaborative and familial like environment, and we pride ourselves on our innovativeness.

NOVA’s Advanced Technology development group is looking for a highly motivated Individual to work on semiconductor metrology systems for next generation technology nodes involving electron beam and x-ray technologies.

The candidate will work with experienced scientist and engineers to conduct feasibility investigations of new challenging technologies to provide valuable guidance for NOVA’s roadmap in metrology systems. The candidate will work on experimental test bench designs and help built and work on the experimental benches to develop and characterize electron beam and X-ray sources.


What will you do as a Systems Engineer?

  • Design (or help design), assembly and characterize Ultra high Vacuum systems
  • Design, alignment, and test of complex optical systems
  • Incorporate data acquisition and instrument control for complex diagnostic systems
  • Build and run and maintain experimental benches, prototype, and beta systems
  • Incorporate metrology equipment (cameras, detectors, etc..) and vacuum hardware
  • Vacuum Testing & Characterization
  • Executing experimental projects                   
  • Resolve technical problems in development, manufacturing, and maintenance of research Hardware/Equipment
  • Integrate computer systems with experimental and metrology apparatus
  • Data collection
  • Capable of taking on assignments with high complexity and finding effective and creative solutions

Other desired skills:

  • Strong background in mechanical design and engineering
  • SolidWorks or Pro-Engineering
  • LabVIEW
  • Basic programming 


  • Passion and willing to expand on technical skills and knowledge
  • BS or MS of ME, EE, or physics
  • Capable of taking on assignments with high complexity and finding effective and creative solutions with minimum supervision
  • Prior vacuum system experience a plus, but not required
  • Prior experience working with lasers and laser alignment desired but not required.
  • Good hands-on skills for testing, characterization and mechanical


Why Nova:

  • Fortune magazine chose Nova as one of the fastest growing companies in the world in 2019 and 2020
  • Because our 700+ employees love coming to work every day in our 18 offices across the globe and share their passion for technology and innovation.


We’re committed to building a diverse organization with a unique sense of belonging.

We strive to expand our multidisciplinary platform with diverse talents and inspire the various segments of society.

Our organization fosters an inclusive, open-minded, and accepting environment.

We respect all individuals and ensure everyone is seen, heard, valued, and respected.


At Nova, we believe in diversity.

We are committed to provide equal employment opportunities to all individuals.

Qualified applicants will be considered for open positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender perception or identity, national origin, age, marital status, protected veteran status, or disability status.

We are committed to creating a workforce that reflects society through inclusive programs and initiatives such as equal pay, employee resource groups, accommodated facilities, and more.

Nova welcomes all dimensions of diversity!