Compliance Engineer

Compliance Engineer

United States
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Role Description

Nova Engineering Team is looking for a Compliance Engineer to work with Design Engineers, Product Managers and Researchers to participate in the ongoing development, integration and characterization of a novel metrology solutions across several product lines. The selected person will be part of a highly skilled and efficient team of System, Hardware and Software Engineers with significant combined experience in instrumentation for Semiconductor production environment. This position provides an opportunity to have a large impact in a rapidly growing division. 


Compliance Engineers play a key role throughout the entire Product Life Cycle from the inception and validation of new ideas to final product release and field testing. This position focuses on compliance to customer specific requirements in their fabrication facility as well as conformance to established international semiconductor standards.

  • Be or able to become intimately familiar with the requirements of various large semiconductor manufacturers which must be met to be part of their High-Volume Manufacturing process line
  • Be or able to become intimately familiar with international semiconductor manufacturing standards, such as SEMI standards, follow their changes, roadmaps, and timelines
  • Inject above requirements into the design at an early phase of the product development and will ensure that the design and its execution is compliant with these requirements
  • Keep close contact with NOVA account teams and customers to track changes in the requirements and work with Design and Manufacturing Engineering teams to change the product structure accordingly
  • Will work directly with Manufacturing to implement small changes
  • Ensure that our products are conforming to general safety and environmental regulations, such as CE, RoHS at all relevant locations and will work with external agencies for filing appropriate paperwork and conduct audits
  • Be able to balance independent work, accountability, and ownership of complex problems with teamwork, collaboration, and sense of joint purpose
  • Demanding for high quality work product with focus on the Customer’s needs at hand and understanding of timeline, budget and other practical constraints
  • Educated and experienced in general scientific thinking and approach to problem solving
  • Has consistent, logical, and analytical approach to solving problems with good reasoning skills
  • Good organizational, interpersonal and project management skills (leading and coordinating a project)
  • Hands on experience working with hardware components, basic electronics modules, and diagnostics instrumentation is preferred
  • Working knowledge of clean vacuum systems (1e-7 torr) and vacuum-related design is a plus
  • Degree in or demonstrated knowledge of hard science and/or an Engineering discipline is required
  • Prior knowledge of Semiconductor Capital market is a strong plus