Logistics Planner Assistant

Logistics Planner Assistant

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Role Description
  • Logistics Planner Assistant will support Logistic planner to achieve this R&R. the Logistics Planner is required to be back up and therefore is required to be trained for all the below aspects however the focus will be on more logistic, simple day to day activity
  • The objective of the Logistic Planner is to efficiently and effectively coordinate all activities related to Service Material (Spare Parts, VAS material, PM Material, Consumables Material etc.) in the company subsidiaries and offices. The goal is to ensure sufficient martial availability to enable execution of all Service activities and Service business. The Logistic Planner is a global position and will carry the below activities for all company divisions (DMD and MMD). 
  • Logistic Planner is part of the Global Logistics Planners Team and reports directly to the HQ Service Planner Team Leader and dotted line to the Local Station Manager.
  • Material planning and Inventory management
  1. Responsible for ongoing inventory levels review in KR Main offices and replenish parts as required in order to ensure sufficient and optimized inventory level to support the overall service activities.
  2. Responsible for fast defected units return – provide weekly report and work with FSE/site leaders to return the defected units in order to shorten RMA cycle time.
  3. Responsible for Inventory accuracy and Quarterly Inventory count (IC) for KR all WHs, check and analyze the results

  ( Open the inventory count / Manage and analyze the results and variation / Execute IC in KR office / Random cycle count on a weekly basis )

  • Transportation & Logistics management 
  1.  Support urgent cases worldwide from KR offices inventory
  2.  Arrange and coordinate local transportation for parts delivery between KR offices and customer sites
  3. Prepare RMAs documents for material return to relevant Repair Center on weekly basis – Proforma Invoice (PI)/Packing list for broker to save re-export tax 

  •  Customer support in KR
  1. Issue Delivery Note (DN) for parts delivery )Non-Revenue SO) to customers
  2. Create Warehouse transfer (WT) or Customer Shipment (CS) in Priority system based on service coordinator requests (When FSE needs/take parts for RMAPAY of warranty contract. Check Inventory Qty)

  • Warehouse and administration
  1. Organize spare parts warehouse and space based on the industry high standard.
  2. Repackage parts before shipments and prepare documentation
  3. Prepare payment request to finance - Import tax, truck, FedEx & forwarder fee, broker charge

  •  MMD spare parts manual management
  1. Coordinate FedEx/Forwarder import and inform MMD service team
  2. Export - Manual issue MMD RMAs return to USA – including re-pack RMA in the office 
  • over 6 month or 1 year of working experience related to logistics planner in global company.
  • intermediate level of business English (both speaking and writing)
  • proficient with Microsoft Office (words, outlook, Excel)