System Engineer / Motion Control-Robotics

System Engineer / Motion Control-Robotics

United States
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Role Description

The Nova Engineering Team is looking for a System Engineer with a focus in robotics, precision stages, and motion control systems. The selected person will work with Design Engineers, Product Managers and Researchers to participate in the ongoing development, integration and characterization of a novel metrology solutions across several product lines. The selected person will be part of a highly skilled and efficient team of System Engineers with significant combined experience in instrumentation for Semiconductor production environment. This position provides an opportunity to have a large impact in a rapidly growing division. 


System Engineers play a key role throughout the entire Product Life Cycle from the inception and validation of new ideas to final product release and field testing.   

  • Working with Scientists and Engineers throughout the organization, proposes solutions for customer problems, validates the concepts of the proposed solutions and initiates the development and implementation of these solutions
  • Owns the definition of the component or sub-system and works closely with Design Engineers to specify exactly the Design Requirements
  • Participates in the Design and Testing phase of the component (sub-system), ensures that the design complies with the requirements
  • Owns the integration of the new component or sub-system into the product and characterizes its behavior at full product performance level
  • Develops procedures for and trains Manufacturing, Service and Applications in all aspects of the new component or sub-system as it relates to the complete system - assembly, calibration, testing and end-user operation
  • Works with Design Engineering to release the product to Manufacturing
  • Solves complex, system-level problems at any phase of the Product Lifecycle, If necessary, travels to the field to solve Customer problems as part of the Field Escalation process
  • Works directly with Vendors, Suppliers and Partners during development and integration



  •  5-10 years of experience working with robotics, precision stages, and motion control systems or degreed education in this direction
  • Must be able to balance independent work, accountability, and ownership of complex problems with teamwork, collaboration, and sense of joint purpose
  • Is demanding for high quality work product with focus on the Customer’s problem at hand and understanding of timeline, budget and other practical constraints
  • Educated and experienced in general scientific thinking and approach to problem solving
  • Has consistent, logical and analytical approach to solving problems with good reasoning skills
  • Is capable of listening when wrong, and backing up if right
  • Can design and execute high-precision measurements and process the data accordingly 

Secondary Requirements 

  • 5-10 years of experience in semiconductor or other large capital equipment markets (desired but not mandatory)
  • System integration and characterization skills combining critical thinking and scientific intuition
  • Familiar with the concept and high-level implementation of complex control systems
  • Have working knowledge of statistical uncertainties, instrumental error sources, and understands error propagation
  • Good organizational, interpersonal and project management skills (leading and coordinating a project)
  • Hands on experience working with hardware components, PLCs, basic electronics modules, and diagnostics instrumentation
  • Thorough understanding of control loops and servo systems in a robotic / stage control environment
  • Experience with Equipment Front End Modules (EFEM) for 300mm semiconductor wafer applications a strong plus
  • Working knowledge of clean vacuum systems (1e-7 torr) and vacuum-related design is a plus