System Engineer Student

System Engineer Student

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Role Description

Nova is looking for a System Engineer Student to responsible for a novel product throughout its life cycle from the development stage to installation and support at customer sites, as part of a team.

  • Nova provides insights into process control in the world’s most technologically advanced industry. We employ physics, math, algorithms, software and hardware expertise to redefine the limits of possible in semiconductors’ manufacturing.
  • We invite you to join our dreamers and winners! Brilliant high- aimers who see impossible as the starting point to exciting challenges, and work together in multidisciplinary global teams to find answers. 
  • We dive deep, into the nanometric and atomic levels, to extract unique insights and provide our customers and partners with crucial decision-making data. Each one of us helps redefine what people can achieve through technology.


We simply do things differently. What about you?

What will you do as a system engineer?

  • Theoretical and experimental system engineering to support state-of-the-art new and existing multidisciplinary optical measurement products.
  • Conduct Lab and on-site system diagnostics, troubleshooting and problem-solving. Tasks include root-cause analysis, mitigation plans, implement robust system calibration methods and product transfer to manufacturing.
  • Intensive interface with diverse disciplines: physics, optics, algorithms, mechanics, electronics and software.
  • Transform customer’s high-level requirements into concrete technical specifications.
  • MSc in Physics OR BSc./MSC Electronic Engineering student with 1-2 years remaining. 
  • Matlab/Python hands-on knowledge
  • Please attach full grade sheet