Nova CSR


Expanding Cultural Diversity

We’re committed to building a diverse organization
with a unique sense of belonging.
We strive to expand our multidisciplinary platform with diverse talents and inspire the various segments of society.


Empowering Every Voice

Our organization fosters an inclusive, open-minded, and accepting environment.
We respect all individuals and ensure everyone is seen, heard, valued and respected.

Highlighted Initiatives

Women Empowering Nova

Women Empowering Nova

Nova’s human, social and technological fabric is what brings us to record performance. It is the combination of genders, that fertilizes minds and generates the most astonishing insights.

Many of our impressive achievements were led by women who made us SHINE through their inspiring professional and personal achievements.

In coming years, we are determined to increase the presence of women at Nova, in technological positions, as well as others.

Bat Melech Project Nova

Everyone Has a Right to Feel Protected

We believe every person has the right for security, dignity, and respect.

We support women and their children, suffering from domestic violence, through the Bat Melech Organization, by building the shelter a well-equipped backyard, and by funding transitional apartments where these families can begin the journey from the shelter to independent life.