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Four Years, Two Roles, One big Leap and Unforgettable Moments at Nova

Rita Chen joined Nova in 2018, right after earning her MSc in Materials Science and Engineering. She started working as an application specialist in the dimensional metrology division, and recently moved to the materials metrology division.

Did you find the transition from dimension metrology to materials metrology challenging? 

Before deciding to make the leap, I had a discussion about it with my former manager. He was very open-mind and supported me in making the leap. While it is an internal shift, and I’m still at Nova, it is a major shift from one knowledge domain, the dimensional division, to another area of knowledge, the materials world. These two worlds require a different set of know- how and skills. I was fortunate to receive my manager’s blessing, and so I applied and got the job I wanted.

Having said that, they didn’t make the process easy on me. I still had to go through a complete round of interviews with both Human Resources and my new manager. But it was worth it. I got the job. I really love working for Nova, and I received another opportunity to get a fresh start with friendly people.

 It sounds like you really enjoy working at Nova. What makes it special? 

I really like working at Nova because it provides me with new opportunities that allow me to build a career path that takes into account my talents, my specific interests, and my life priorities. Also, Nova is a company with so many talented individuals, so I’m constantly learning from my team. My colleagues inspire me; they have different viewpoints and outstanding capabilities that make my work more interesting, because it allows me to continuously learn and improve. But it’s not only that. They’re also really good people with good qualities. Some of them have even become my good friends, and we spend time together after work. 

Rita, can you please share one of your most memorable moments at Nova?

“One of my most enjoyable moments at Nova took place at Nova’s 2019 end-year party. Nova’s entire Taiwan team stayed after the party to join in an exciting competition. Service engineers, applications engineers, administration staff, and managers were randomly arranged into several teams. The game was an exhilarating experience and enabled us to use our professional problem-solving skills to crack challenges. Even though we didn’t win the grand prize, it was a fantastic experience.”

Speaking about after work, what do you love doing in your free time?

I love everything related to sports and watercolor painting, and I like to cook. I’m an outdoors girl, so I love taking part in outdoor sports activities like climbing and scuba-diving.

Thanks so much, Rita, this was a great talk. As you know we are hiring excellent people to join us in all are locations, so if any of your friends and colleagues fit, make sure to have them check the available openings on Nova’s website.
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