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How Did the Name Kaufman Turn into a Synonym to InNOVAtion at Nova?

At Nova, 'Kaufman', became a synonym for innovation and groundbreaking ideas. So, you would hear people in conversation at Nova saying: "wow, that's a Kaufman!" Like saying: "great out-of-the-box thinking". When someone says: "This is a Kaufman Idea" they actually mean: "Great job!"

20 years ago, challenges were dealt with mostly by individuals. As market demands and challenge complexity grew over time, solutions increasingly required teamwork and a multi-disciplinary approach, in order to support a wider spectrum of avenues when seeking innovative solutions.

As the Nova Innovation Award submissions grew from just a few papers in the beginning to as many as 40 excellent papers in recent years, imagine the level of responsibility that the award committee has to shoulder to make sure they choose the best of the best.

The Nova Innovation Award evaluation process is a very exciting period for me, making me proud of the wide variety of innovation across multiple Nova units working together across the globe. This year’s theme of “infinite ways to innovate” has many aspects. We see innovation across all stages of our product development.

Most of the projects I participated in as part of the Nova Innovation Award (Kaufman) competition are the result of multidisciplinary teamwork with algorithms, marketing, and software. They’re challenging but have so much added value.

Collaboration and teamwork are some of Nova’s strongest assets. Working together to create what no one else can- that’s Applicable Physics at its best!

It is evident throughout the year that innovation leads to more innovations – new products and new technologies lead to differentiated algorithms and unique implementations.

We see this kind of innovation expressing itself in everything. So you would have Nova Innovation Award (Kaufman) works of altogether new technologies but also new uses of existing technologies and new algorithms allowing us to do things that we just could not do before and really out-of-the-box innovative application work.

It’s been interesting to see the cross-pollination of ideas between the dimensional and material sides of our business.  I believe that this cooperation has led to an increased pace of innovation at Nova.

The Nova Innovation Award (Kaufman) not only encourages innovative thinking but also enriches me with new ideas and thoughts surfaced by others. It has also become the glue that connects the field and Nova’s vision of innovation. It is our stage to dream and make an impact.

I’ve always felt it’s a fun and exciting time to be able to hear all of the new and innovative ideas presented. But as well, I think it helped me to be a more focused and innovative collaborative developer throughout the whole year as I look forward to next year’s Nova Innovation Award (Kaufman) award

From one event to the next – Nova employees not only showed great creativity in content but also showed great creativity in illustrating the content to the committee.

The fact that our experience and testimonies became the basis for a Kaufman paper was very empowering. We have much to contribute and the collaboration is a true boost to both us and to Nova.

There is an expression that describes it perfectly: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

To me, the Kaufman (Nova Innovation Award) vibe is all about our passion and commitment to reinventing technology on a daily basis.

Every individual at Nova is a phenomenon – making teamwork nothing less than mind-blowing.

Nova Innovation Award’s (Kaufman) spirit overcomes corona, overcomes travel restrictions, and social distancing. And how do we know that? In the last 2 years, we had more international papers than ever before.

Altogether, all of these new ideas and inventions allow us to create the solutions in our portfolio. The solution that we eventually reach is the inter-linked skeleton of all of these ideas coming together and offering the amazing things a Nova tool can do.

The Nova Innovation Award (Kaufman) is an inspiring and authentic representation of Nova’s unique path where new development and the innovative spirit keep fueling our current and future growth.

Igor Turovets
Igor Turovets
Sr. Research Scientist Nova CTO Group

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