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Nova and Leti collaborate to enhance process control schemes for advanced lithography

Rehovot, Israel, July 7, 2016

Rehovot, Israel, July 7, 2016 – Leti, an institute of CEA Tech, and Nova Measuring Instruments (Nasdaq: NVMI), a leading innovator and a key provider of metrology solutions for advanced process control used in semiconductor manufacturing, announced today a joint program to develop innovative metrology methods to enable leading-edge process control solutions for multi e-beam and directed self-assembly (DSA) advanced lithography techniques. Based on this new joint initiative, Nova has already installed its advanced suite of products at Leti’s state-of-the-art facility in France.

In order to meet the fabrication process challenges at the most advanced technology nodes, several lithography technologies are currently evaluated beyond mainstream multipatterning optical lithography. The main alternatives to be considered include DSA and multi-beam direct-write lithography (ML2). The joint program between Leti and Nova will focus on developing innovative process-control solutions to address the challenges related to these new patterning methods. The collaboration will utilize Nova’s T600 multi-channel stand-alone optical metrology platform combined with its innovative MARS modeling software and the recently introduced Hybrid solution, which combines several measurements from different metrology platforms.

“Nova is Leti’s ideal partner for this strategic collaboration,” said Fabrice Geiger, head of Leti’s Silicon Technologies Division. “Nova’s state-of-the-art innovative metrology solutions, including its unique capability to hybridize measurements, are essential to speed up the qualification and ramp up of these new lithography technologies, and therefore to reduce their time-to-market introduction.”

“We are excited with the opportunity to work in partnership with Leti, join the IMAGINE and IDEAL programs, and demonstrate the value of our metrology solutions for early-stage R&D,” said Dr. Shay Wolfling, Nova’s CTO. “Such collaboration, early in the development cycle, is part of Nova’s stated long-term strategy and allows us to align our technology roadmap accordingly, in order to contribute later on to our customers’ success.”

About Leti: As one of three advanced-research institutes within the CEA Technological Research Division, Leti serves as a bridge between basic research and production of micro- and nanotechnologies that improve the lives of people around the world. It is committed to creating innovation and transferring it to industry. Backed by its portfolio of 2,800 patents, Leti partners with large industrials, SMEs and startups to tailor advanced solutions that strengthen their competitive positions. It has launched 59 startups. Its 8,500m² of newgeneration cleanroom space feature 200mm and 300mm wafer processing of micro and nano solutions for applications ranging from space to smart devices. With a staff of more than 1,900, Leti is based in Grenoble, France, and has offices in Silicon Valley, Calif., and Tokyo. Additional information may be found at www.leti.fr and @CEA_Leti.

About Nova: Nova Measuring Instruments delivers continuous innovation by providing advanced metrology solutions for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Deployed with the world’s largest integrated-circuit manufacturers, Nova’s products deliver state-of-the-art, high-performance metrology solutions for effective process control throughout the semiconductor fabrication lifecycle. Nova’s product portfolio, which combines high-precision hardware and cutting-edge software, supports the development and production of the most advanced devices in today’s high-end semiconductor market. Nova’s technical innovation and market leadership enable customers to improve process performance, enhance products’ yields and accelerate time to market. Nova acts as a partner to semiconductor manufacturers from its offices around the world. Additional information may be found at www.novameasuring.com.

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