Nova ancolyzer® Damascene

Analysis for Front-End Interconnect Metallization Applications

Nova ancolyzer® Damascene is an industry-standard chemical metrology solution for Damascene copper plating interconnects applications, qualified by leading global manufacturers for operation in advanced nodes production processes. The solution supports a continuously growing range of copper baths and applications and offers a fully automated analysis of bath components, overall plating performance, excursions, trends alarms and warnings, and overall process control. Nova ancolyzer® Damascene offers fast and flexible analyses with automatic validation and calibration. The analyzer offers a standard free smooth operation without expensive and unique calibration solutions and chemicals.


  • Automatic analysis of Copper Damascene bath components and control
  • The best Accuracy and Reproducibility in the market
  • Communication with all plating tools and full integration with the fab network
  • Only Front access required – optimized design for reduced tool space
  • Very low CoO

The core design elements, safety features and critical functionalities of Nova ancolyzer® DD focus on streamlining operations and maintenance, thus minimizing cost of ownership. Such elements include non-reagent analysis, high availability and optimized layout that reduce chemical use and waste generation.