Nova HPC

High Performance Computing system for Optical Critical Dimension calculation

The Nova HPC is a High-Performance Computing solution, which is designed to accelerate Nova MARS and Nova FIT work processes.

Nova HPC significantly expedites application development by accelerating library-building, real-time regression and recipe-setting processes. Its state-of-the-art computing hardware design enables optimization of Nova’s proprietary algorithm performance, thus enabling even the most calculation-demanding application development.

The Nova HPC modular architecture supports scalability in computing power, allowing our customers to address computational challenges as they grow.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Enables complex Optical CD application development
  • Supports real time regression, library generation and recipe optimization algorithms
  • Unique computational hardware optimized for Nova’s algorithms acceleration
  • Unique combination of latest CPU and GPU computational HW
  • Patented proprietary technology for quicker calculations by GPU
  • Modular architecture for smooth and flexible drop-in extensions