Nova T600®

Advanced Optical CD Metrology tool for challenging process nodes

The Nova T600 is a stand-alone dimensional metrology platform targeted for critical dimensions (CD) and thin films measurements of complex logic and memory structures at advanced technology nodes. Deployed in production lines from 28nm down to 10nm, the Nova T600 is a field proven production workhorse.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Multi-channel SR with unique modeling for enhanced metrology performance
  • Robust field proven platform
  • Configuration flexibility – Enhance productivity and metrology optimization
  • Future ready – Modular design to support future innovations and improvements

The Nova T600 features multi-channel spectral reflectometry optical technology coupled with unique modeling algorithms that enhance parameter decorrelation, increase sensitivity to weak parameters and enable high precision and accuracy performance for a broad range of applications in both Front-End and Back-End of Line process steps in the Fab.

With a robust architecture, the Nova T600 delivers extremely low variability and superior tool-to-tool matching enabling you to monitor and track every sensitive parameter throughout the various steps in the process. The Nova T600 combines high-accuracy measurements and high throughput to ensure quality while increasing your efficiency.

The platform is supported by Nova’s central fleet management, control and connectivity solutions for boosted operational efficiency and advanced metrology control functionality.