Nova FIT

Nova’s Data Empowered Metrology Solution

Nova FIT modeling suite complements traditional modeling of Optical Critical Dimensions by machine learning and data-driven algorithmic solutions. The algorithmic suite works in conjunction with Nova MARS physical modeling engine and Nova’s fleet management solution to improve metrology performance, speed up time to solution and expand the metrology envelope for enriched process control.

Nova FIT embeds the most advanced machine learning and big data architecture into optical modeling, revolutionizes the way customers utilize metrology measurement data to tighten process windows, avoid process excursions and improve yield.

The platform was designed to interface with other process control tools for accuracy improvement and shorter recipe development and control cycles.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Proven superior accuracy and precision
  • Excellent productivity enabler of highly complex applications
  • ADD Enabling advanced on- device, process control and excursion prevention
  • Robust metrology performance in evolving process environments
  • Synergy with physical modeling of Nova MARS, enables process insights, quicker time to solution and increased metrology efficiency