Nova PMC™ – Performance Monitoring Center

Maximizing Performance by Actionable Insights

The Nova Performance Monitoring Center (PMC) solution is an advanced data analytics solution that complements the Nova fleet management platform and delivers a complete central solution for Nova’s metrology platforms. The Nova PMC provides semiconductor manufacturers with a top-notch analysis system for maximizing Nova’s tools productivity through continuous health monitoring, root cause and prediction analysis for recipe and tool failures.

PMC is available as an upgrade for customers that own Nova Fleet Management and as FM+ which incorporates both FM and PMC.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Higher up time and productivity
  • Enables visibility of HW parameters for FDC analysis
  • Improved T2T performance

Nova PMC solution supports a broad set of functions, including:

  • Performance and health monitoring – Multiple reports of the fleets performance and health which provide insights for improvement of the tools recipes and HW.
  •  HW parameters to host – Sends tools HW parameters to the host, enabling the customer to perform FDC (Fault Detection and Classification) analysis.
  • Auto-S-Match – T2T (Tool-to-Tool) matching – Automatic system for T2T matching which includes monitoring, verification, solution validation and applying offset per tool per application parameters.