Big Data Analytics

Every Nova tool produces large amounts of data (for example: logs for every HW operation, warnings and errors, as well as spectra and interpretation results for multiple measurement sites).

There is no doubt that we can benefit from analyzing this data—but there is so much information! How can we manage to keep it in scale?

NovaCluster is Nova’s infrastructure for Big Data products. It enables the intake and processing of large amounts of data.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Scale and Extendibility – the NovaCluster architecture is scalable and can be delivered with the exact hardware configuration required for a specific customer and product. NovaCluster hardware can be extended as necessary by adding new servers, without the need to update Nova software running on it.
  • High Availability and Load Balancing – the NovaCluster architecture allows for data replication on different physical servers.
  • Data Analysis—by taking advantage of distributed computing, the NovaCluster architecture allows for the analysis of large amounts of data.


  • One or more Fleet Management Servers can be connected to NovaCluster and transfer their data into NovaCluster for monitoring and data analytics. The Fleet Management Server can also consume various kinds of insights produced within NovaCluster and distribute those to the tools.
  • Data can be streamed into NovaCluster, using Distributed Message Que, from various data sources such as Nova’s tools or external data sources.
  • Web API is provided to allow the user to manage and view data analytics, processed in NovaCluster.