SIMS Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

Nova METRION® utilizes secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) technology to provide information that no other in-line metrology system can deliver.  METRION provides direct, in-line measurement of the chemical composition with respect to depth at high resolution and data density.  METRION can measure multiple species simultaneously through the entire film stack on a whole, 300mm wafer.  Process automation with built-in film analysis and recipe management makes the system easy to use and shorten the time to data.  Bringing SIMS in-line prevents scrap, reduces rework, and enables tighter SPC by delivering time-sensitive information that is needed to monitor and control HVM workflows. 

Highlights and Benefits 

  • Direct, in-line measurement of compositional profiles at high depth resolution and data density  
  • Built-in film analysis and recipe management  
  • Full factory automation for high volume manufacturing  
  • Contamination-free for production use  
  • Whole wafer SIMS eliminates sample prep  
  • Fast ROI through reduced scrap and improved yields  
  • Key use cases include: contamination control, process excursion prevention, reactor matching, uniformity control