Metrology Technology

Masters of Disruptive Thinking and Innovative Technologies

Nova’s state-of-the-art metrology solutions are based on multiple advanced technologies in various fields of expertise, including Optical Scatterometry, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), x-ray fluorescence (XRF), scatterometry modeling software and high-performance computing.

Our Technologies

  • Dimensional Metrology Icon

    Dimensional Metrology

    Integrated and Stand-alone optical platforms for CD and thin films measurements
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  • Materials Metrology Icon

    Materials Metrology

    Inline XPS and XRF platforms for composition and film thickness measurements
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  • Chemical Metrology Icon

    Chemical Metrology

    Power up your process control with proven flexible architecture solutions supporting the largest variety of instruments and numerous analysis techniques that are installed together for maximal performance.
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  • Software Modeling Icon

    Software Modeling

    Advanced modeling solutions empowered by physical and machine learning algorithms
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Fostering Partnership to Enable Tomorrow’s Technologies

Nova partners with leading customer R&D centers, academies and research institutes to co-develop innovative process control solutions for next generations’ logic and memory technologies such as FinFET, Nanowires, 3D-NAND and emerging memory technologies.