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The Best of Both Worlds: When Professional growth Meets Friendships

Keily and Rachel were both excited to join the Nova team and work with cutting-edge technologies. Starting on the same day, they also found themselves in the same workspace, which sparked a friendship that has made working together even more rewarding.

Can you both tell us a bit about your journeys before joining Nova?

Keily: Over the last several years I worked an SCM specialist and logistics planner in wide range of industries, such as fashion retail and home electronic appliances. The variety worked in my favor, as it helped familiarize me with many different processes. I have always been responsible for overseeing materials procurement and coordinating logistic planning and this experience allowed me to develop strong coordination and cooperation skills with other teams.

Rachel: I previously worked at Sensata Technologies Korea, which is a global sensor manufacturing company. I was there for about four years as a Customer Service Specialist and I really liked being part of Supply Chain Management, handling end-to-end order fulfillment, forecast and revenue management.

What sparked your interest in the semiconductor field?

Keily: I've always been fascinated by technology and the way it revolutionizes our lives and I wanted to work at a technology leader. My interest was sparked during my previous job in electronic appliances, where I had a chance to dive into the PCBA of electronic devices. It was surprising how these tiny silicon chips could power devices we use daily like smartphones and computers. I love that I get to learn, grow, and contribute to the exciting developments in this industry.

Rachel: My previous company spun off from Texas Instruments, which is one of the key players in the semiconductors industry. During COVID-19, I personally was impacted by serious semiconductor supply issues, so I felt the semiconductor field will be a key player for all future business.

Can you tell us a little about your onboarding experience?

Kiley: It was a great onboarding experience at Nova, and I truly appreciated the warm welcome and support that I received as I transitioned into my new role.

The Lily and Sunil, from the HR team provided me with a comprehensive orientation program that covered everything from company policies and benefits to culture and values. From what I’ve experienced so far, Nova has an open communication culture, manifested through things like weekly team meetings and quarterly company meetings. Additionally, my manager, Liran and I hold one-on-one check-ins the really helped me understand my progress and where I could improve. Liran played a significant role in my onboarding process by providing supportive guidance for learning Nova’s systems and processes and making himself available to answer all my questions. The entire onboarding experience at Nova helped me integrate into the team and understand my role more effectively. I'm truly grateful for all the support I got.

Can you describe a typical day in your roles at Nova?

Keily: So, my day usually kicks off with a quick email check and a scan for any urgent updates. Then, I lay out my priorities and make a solid to-do list.

I start by diving into customer orders and making sure they match up with our shipment schedule from HQ. This means double-checking everything, making sure our orders are spot on, and coordinating closely with HQ to ensure we've got the products on hand. I also hop into team meetings, work with different teams, and have some good chats with our partners to keep our logistics game on point.

All day long, I'm chatting with my colleagues, talking to our transport partners, coordinating with the warehouse crew, and connecting with the different internal departments. Smooth and timely communication is key to keeping everyone in the loop and moving in the same direction.

It's a fast-paced job that calls for flexibility and a serious dedication to keeping our customers happy.

Rachel: My days are all about checking up on customer requests and orders, organizing shipments, ordering parts, and handling everything tied to our revenue generation.

Nova is known for its team culture. How has this culture impacted your work and professional growth?

Keily: I've heard so many good things about Nova's super supportive culture, and just like I mentioned earlier, having a mentor who's always ready to offer advice and feedback and a supportive team has really given my professional growth a serious boost. This support helped me build up my confidence and take on new tasks and challenges with a lot more gusto.

We heard that you both joined Nova on the same day, and that you work very closely together and in the same room. How has this impacted your friendship?

Keily: Yup, Rachel and I did start at Nova on the same day, and we're practically office buddies. Our friendship has been a real asset in our work. We vibe well, trust each other, and that's been a game-changer for communication and teamwork. We're both stoked to contribute to Nova's success, and we're committed to keeping that work-friendship balance on point.

Rachel: It's my first time having a work buddy who joined on the exact same day. Plus, we're the same age and seem to click well. Working in the same room has had a positive impact on our friendship, like our daily pre-work coffee ritual. I feel super fortunate to have met her, and I'm pretty sure we'll be friends for life.

Outside of work, do you both have any shared hobbies or interests that have brought you closer together as friends?

Keily: Oh yeah, outside the office, we're both big foodies. Since we're new at Nova, every lunch break is a culinary adventure as we scout for cool, local joints around the office and rate our finds. It's our go-to stress buster and an awesome way to balance work and play. These foodie missions not only tighten our bond but also give us the energy boost we need to tackle work with fresh enthusiasm.

Rachel: In addition, we're thinking of going out together for some evening adventures soon.

Keily, the logistics field is dynamic and ever evolving. How do you stay updated on industry trends and best practices?

Absolutely, the logistics field is a whirlwind of changes, and it's vital to keep up with the latest trends and practices. My approach to staying in the loop involves a mix of methods. I'm currently diving into my CIPM (Certified Planning and Inventory Management) certification, which gives me valuable insights into the ins and outs of logistics and inventory management. Plus, I keep my finger on the pulse by devouring resources like 'Weekly Trade' and 'Supply Chain Dive' and browsing through top-notch logistics blogs and websites.

I'm passionate about keeping up with the logistics game, and I'm confident that my commitment to learning will make a real difference in our team's efforts.

Rachel, could you share an interesting anecdote or story related to your time at Nova so far?

Just a week into my time at Nova, we had this online SSBO (Service Sales Business Operations) global meeting, where all service business-related global colleagues hopped on.

As a newbie, I was tasked with putting together a slide to introduce myself to the team. I must admit, it made me a tad nervous since I'd never done anything like it in my previous workplaces. But the team was incredibly welcoming, and the whole experience turned out to be a fantastic opportunity for everyone to connect via video call and get to know each other better. It might not be anything out of the ordinary for some folks, but for me, it's a memory I'll always cherish.

What do you find most rewarding about working at Nova?

Rachel: The best part for me is the potential for a business trip. Other than my time in overseas sales at my previous company, I never really had the opportunity for one, which was a bit of a downer.

Keily: For me, the most rewarding aspect is the collaborative and supportive culture. Right from my initial stages during the interview process, I could feel the strong sense of teamwork and shared objectives among the team members.

Are there any role models or mentors within Nova who have inspired you in your career journey?

Rachel: I really look up to Michal Benifla Lumbroso. My third job interview lasted about 30 minutes with Michal. Despite the short interaction, I could sense her passion and enthusiasm as a female leader.

Our conversation left me with the feeling that with the right skills, drive, and capability, I could seize new opportunities as they come my way here at Nova.

I've noticed that Nova is actively recruiting more female employees, and I see it as a positive step forward. To me, Michal represents the fact that there's no limit to what can be achieved at Nova, and that was a major factor in my decision to join the team.  😊


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Nova Team
Nova Team

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