Events and Presentations

SPIE Advanced Lithography 2020

  • 23-02-2020 - 27-02-2020
  • San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California, United States

SPIE Advanced Lithography is the leading global lithography event that draws more than 2,200 attendees, 50 exhibitors, and 600 technical papers representing the most talented researchers and managers working in the lithography industry. 

We're proud to return as conference 11325 sponsor: "Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control for Microlithography XXXIII".
You are cordially invited to attend the talks involving Nova technology and customer collaboration.  Please check out Nova's agenda and join us

  • SESSION 7: New Methods: Student Session
    Tuesday February 25 | 4:30 PM TO 4:50 PM
    Plasma halogenated amorphous carbon as growth inhibiting layer for area-selective deposition of titanium oxide (11325-27)
    Authors: Mikhail Krishtab, KU Leuven (Belgium) and imec (Belgium); Rob Ameloot, KU Leuven (Belgium); Silvia Armini, imec (Belgium); Joey Hung, Nova Measuring Instruments Inc. (USA); Roy Koret, Igor Turovets, Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. (Israel); Kavita Shah, Srinivasan Rangarajan, Laxmi Warad, Vanessa Zhang, Nova Measuring Instruments Inc. (USA)


  • SESSION 9: Scatterometry
    Wednesday February 26 | 10:50 AM TO 11:10 PM
    Ruthenium direct etch scatterometry solution for self-aligning semi-damascene (11325-36)
    Authors: Sara Paolillo, Alain Moussa, Gayle Murdoch, Frederic Lazzarino, Anne-Laure Charley, Philippe Leray, imec (Belgium); Roy Koret, Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. (Israel); Joey Hung, Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. (Germany); Igor Turovets, Shay Wolfling, Avron Ger, Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. (Israel)


  • SESSION 10: Machine Learning
    Wednesday February 26 | 2:20 PM TO 2:40 PM
    Advanced machine learning eco-system to address HVM optical metrology requirements (11325-42)
    Authors: Padraig R. Timoney, Roma Luthra, Alex Elia, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc. (USA); Haibo Liu, Paul K. Isbester, Avi Levy, Nova Measuring Instruments Inc. (USA); Michael Shifrin, Barak Bringoltz, Ariel Broitman, Eitan Rothstein, Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. (Israel)

    Wednesday February 26 | 2:40 PM TO 3:00 PM
    Measuring local CD uniformity in EUV vias with scatterometry and machine learning (11325-43)
    Authors: Dexin Kong, Daniel Schmidt, Jennifer Church, Chi-Chun Liu, Mary A. Breton, Cody Murray, Luciana Meli, Liying Jiang, John Sporre, Nelson Felix, Ishtiaq Ahsan, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Ctr. (USA); Aron J. Cepler, Marjorie Cheng, Nova Measuring Instruments Inc. (USA); Roy Koret, Igor Turovets, Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. (Israel)


  • Short Course: 
    Scatterometry in Profile, Overlay and Focus Process Control [SC1100]
    Instructors: Hugo Cramer, ASML Netherlands B.V. (Netherlands); Igor Turovets, Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. (Israel)
    February 23,  1:30 PM - 5:30 PM