Materials Metrology

In-Line Materials Metrology for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Nova is a market leader for innovative thin film metrology and process control technologies. We develop highly sensitive in-line materials metrology solutions on high productivity platforms, thereby enabling critical metrology solutions to be closer to a semiconductor fab’s process and integration needs.

Our technologies enable customers to accurately detect and quantify small variations in film composition and thickness, thereby influencing better device functionality, and improved manufacturing yield.

Nova’s product portfolio also includes powerful offline data management solutions, advanced algorithms for data analysis and server utilities for complete fleet management.

Product Families

  • Nova METRION®

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  • Nova ELIPSON™

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  • Nova VERAFLEX®

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Nova METRION® is a fully-automated SIMS product validated for in-line production process control.
Nova ELIPSON™ is a revolutionary materials metrology solution. The new in-line standalone metrology platform is designed to measure materials properties such as stress, strain and surface for both Memory and Logic applications. Built from the ground up, combining breakthrough capabilities, Nova ELIPSON™ delivers new materials information and characteristics unmatched by any other in-line materials metrology system.
World-class XPS and XRF metrology technologies for semiconductor process control.