Accessibility Declaration

Over the past few years, websites have become the most important platform for publicizing different information, services and products to a wide audience.

Nova LTD (formerly Nova Measuring Instruments) is a leading innovator and key provider of dimensional and materials metrology solutions for advanced process control used in semiconductor manufacturing. Nova provides its customers with the vital process insight and clarity needed to produce cutting-edge semiconductor devices for the most advanced disruptive markets.

Nova is a pioneer in industrializing X-ray and optical technologies for semiconductor inline process control, enabling advanced measuring of both dimensions and material properties throughout the fabrication lifecycle. We provide a full range of metrology solutions to solve the ever-increasing technical challenges arising in the semiconductor industry.

Nova’s holistic metrology approach combines robust high-precision hardware with the finest software modeling which interlaces machine learning and big data within integrated and stand-alone configurations. Our unique portfolio enables semiconductor manufacturers to gain deeper insight throughout the fabrication process while increasing yields and shortening time to market.

Headquartered in Rehovot, Israel, Nova has dedicated customer operations and service centers around the world.

Due to the great importance of the services and information that we publicize among a wide audience, we are obligated – from a business perspective, and also driven by our values and social derivative – to create the best and easiest user experience possible, while using the required innovative and technological means at our disposal.

Accessibility Adjustments on the Website

Nova Ltd. Has implemented various accessibility adjustments on the website in accordance with the recommendations of the Standards Institute of Israel (5568). Internet content accessibility was implemented at AA standards, meeting the recommendations of the WCAG2.0 document that was published by the international organization W3C, which deals with standards on internet networks.

The adjustments that were implemented on the site were tested using the most popular browsers: Google Chrome and Explorer. In order to receive the optimal and most pleasant user experience with screen reading software, we recommend using the most recent version of the NVDA program.

In order to make the site accessible to people with disabilities, a number of actions were carried out, including:

  • Ability to skip directly to the main content by pressing the TAB button once.
  • Ability to skip directly to the site’s main menu by pressing the TAB button twice.
  • Use of a dual visual element change while hovering over pressable elements, such as links or buttons.
  • Use of colors with a proper contrast between the content that appears on the site and the background.
  • Tagging the headlines in accordance with the information that it contains and the structure of the page on the site.
  • Use of a clear focus that includes a frame while navigating the site using a keyboard.
  • Use of a clear and easy-to-use menu on each page of the site.
  • Assimilation of ARIA laws, which helps interpret site content precisely and in the best way possible. 

Adjustments that were made to the site for visitors using a screen reading software:

  • Use of a semantic and comfortable site structure for users of screen readers.
  • Addition of clear and detailed page headlines that present the page’s goal.
  • Addition of alternative text that is suitable for pictures and icons that appear on the site.
  • Use of ARIA LABEL laws that are available to a screen reader while navigating to a number of site elements.
  • Attachment of suitable and detailed labels to the existing input fields on the site.
  • Use of clear and simple language throughout the site.

It is important to note that this website makes use of external programs (third party) that are operated and maintained by external companies. Nova Ltd. does not have the access and the ability to change and/or implement the necessary adjustments in accordance with the requirements of the Israeli Standards Institute. The responsibility for making these systems accessible falls in the hands of the company that supplies the program.

The consultancy and support on the subject of Nova Ltd.’s website accessibility was carried out by WEB-A – Website and Applications Accessibility.

With regards to Form 20-F and Schedule 13G documents, it is important to note that, since these reports are built in accordance with SEC standards, and since for the purpose of preparing these reports, we are obligated to use third-party systems (Edgar, iXBRL and other third parties reports), which are not under our control, we are unable to fully comply with the requirements of the Israeli Standards Institute at the time of the documents’ publication. In light of the complexity and length of the document, we expect to be able to upload an accessible file about a month after the date of publication.

We are doing our utmost to implement accessibility, and in the event that a user is need of individual accessibility assistance they are cordially invited to contact our Accessibility Coordinator Adi Scott by email (adi-s@novami.com) or telephone (073-229-5875).

Use of the Accessibility Component (Accessibility Plugin)

In the framework of making the website accessible we installed an accessibility plugin that allows an improved and more comfortable user experience on the site and its adjustment for people with disabilities.

It is recommended to browse the site using the accessibility plugin with the most updated Google Chrome version. It is possible that while using other, non-updated browsers there might be problems in carrying out the actions on the website.

User Guide for the Accessibility Plugin Installed on the Site

This site includes an accessibility plugin (enable) that helps make the site accessible for people with disabilities.

User Guide for the Accessibility Plugin’s Accessibility Menu

  1. A button adjusting the website and site tags for assistance devices and technologies for people with disabilities.
  2. A button allowing navigation between the links on the site using the keyboard.
  3. Button to disable flashing and/or moving elements on the site.
  4. A button enabling black & white monochrome for color blind users.
  5. Sepia button (shade of brown).
  6. A button to change high contrast.
  7. Black/yellow button.
  8. Color reversal button.
  9. A button that clearly emphasizes all the tags of headlines that appear on the site.
  10. A button that clearly emphasizes all the links that appear on the site.
  11. A button that, by moving the mouse, presents an alternative description of all the buttons that appear on the site.
  12. A button that presents a fixed description of the pictures on the site.
  13. A button that eliminates the use of readable fonts.
  14. A button for increasing the size of fonts on the site.
  15. A button for reducing the size of fonts on the site.
  16. A button that increases the display by approximately 200%.
  17. A button that decreases the display by approximately70%.
  18. A button that increases the mouse pointer size.
  19. A button that increases the mouse pointer size and changes its color to black.
  20. A reading mode button.
  21. A button that presents the accessibility declaration.
  22. A rest button that cancels the accessibility.
  23. A button for sending feedback regarding the accessibility.
  24. A button for changing the main language as well as that of the accessibility declaration.

Physical Accessibility Arrangements

Nova Ltd. does not have offices for receiving visitors.

Suppliers and potential employees who visit the company offices should arrange their visit in advance with the relevant office staff and during the hours of operation.

The accessibility arrangements for Nova Ltd. offices, which are located at 5 David Fikes Street, Rehovot:

  • There are eight disabled parking spaces adjacent to the office building.
  • The path leading to the building entrance is wide and accessible.
  • There is an intercom at the entrance that can be used to communicate quickly and easily with office staff.
  • There is a wide and accessible elevator in the office building.
  • The door to the company offices is wide and accessible, allowing passage for wheelchair users.
  • At the offices there is an accessibility service station that is adjustable for use by people with disabilities.
  • The passageways in the offices are spacious and allow easy and secure mobility for people in wheelchairs.
  • The office building has disabled toilets.

Nova Ltd. team places supreme importance in assuring that the different types of information and services publicized in the framework of this site are accessible to everyone.

Changes and special adjustments have been made to this site using the most up-to-date and suitable technology addressing our customers and site visitor’s needs.

Following the many technological changes and updates that we are carrying out on the website, you may find certain elements that are not fully accessible or are still in the process of being completed.
If you have encountered an element that isn’t accessible Please kindly get in touch with our representative and we promise to check the problem, to improve the element, and to make it accessible for you as quickly as possible. We commit ourselves to providing you with the best possible service, quickly, personally, and in accordance with your needs.

Accessibility Coordinator Details

Nova Ltd. appointed Adi Scott as the company’s Accessibility Coordinator.

In the event that you have queries, questions or suggestions regarding website accessibility and/or the depot, you are welcome to contact her using the following methods:

Name: Adi Scott

Office Phone: +972-73-229-5875

Email: adi-s@novami.com

The Accessibility Declaration was updated on 2.12.21.