Chemical Metrology

Flexible Industry-Standard Platforms for Chemical Process Control

With the acquisition of ancosys [GmbH], Nova offers a market-leading portfolio of advanced, open and flexible chemical metrology platforms for backend wafer-level packaging and front-end dual-damascene process steps. Our portfolio helps manufacturers ensure high-quality electroplating processes by carrying out chemical analysis and replenishment in real time.

The number of interconnect steps that require plating at the front-end of the process has grown significantly in the past few years, as has the demand for material purity. Over the same period, there has been a substantial increase in the number of organic alloys and compounds used in advanced packaging, leading to a growing number of analytic methods being employed. These trends are shrinking process windows and driving monitoring frequency from hours to minutes, while raising the bar on metrology complexity.

New device architecture, higher material costs, and tighter environmental regulations are driving up the cost of operations and increasing the need for manufacturers to perform chemical process control on more elements and with increasing intensity. Now with Nova’s extended offering, you can harness our global footprint to meet your metrology needs.

Product Families

  • Nova DMR

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  • Nova ancolyzer®

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  • Nova ancolyzer® Damascene

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Nova DMR
Nova DMR offers economical replenishment of metals in a plating bath.
Nova ancolyzer®
Nova ancolyzer® is a fully automated online chemical metrology platform designed with the most flexible architecture for advanced packaging processes.
Nova ancolyzer® Damascene
Nova ancolyzer® Damascene is an industry-standard chemical metrology solution for Damascene copper plating interconnects applications.