The next generation of faster, high-precision In-Line XPS and XRF Materials Metrology 

The Nova VERAFLEX® product line has revolutionized inline materials metrology and is the industry standard for XPS and XRF materials characterization. The Next-generation Nova VERAFLEX® IV addresses critical industry challenges across all device market segments and continues to extend its market leadership with highly substantial throughput improvements on Nova’s baseline process application by significantly increasing X-ray flux at the measurement site.
New materials integration strategies in Logic, VNAND, and DRAM device segments continue to drive critical device performance improvements essential to achieve sub 5nm performance milestones in advanced architectures, such as GAA. Additionally, new integration challenges are motivating the development of innovative processing strategies like Area Selective Deposition. Nova VERAFELX® IV is ideal for providing Inline process control over these unique processing conditions to optimize end-of-line yield performance.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Substantial throughput improvement while maintaining precision performance.
  • Higher signal to noise performance revealing novel SPC process control capabilities.
  • Enhanced beam control compatible with smaller pad requirements.
  • Simultaneous XPS and XRF for In-line and In-die applications.
  • Reduced preventive maintenance cycles and advanced on-board diagnostics.


Measurement precision and throughput continue to define inline and in-die XPS and XRF performance. These metrics are driven by the amount of X-ray flux focused on the target measurement location. The Nova VERAFLEX® IV delivers the new state-of-the-art for precision and throughput. We have designed it to seamlessly integrate into your manufacturing flow with recipe structures compatible with legacy systems enabling substantially higher performance with the same production-proven recipes.