Nova DMR

Inline continuous Direct Metal Replenishment (DMR) for cleanrooms environment

Nova DMR offers economical replenishment of metals in a plating bath. This significantly extends the bath chemicals’ lifetime and improves the plater utilization. DMR provides fully automatic powder container docking for uninterrupted operation and eliminates the constant increase in bath volume, reducing the need for bleed and feed or full bath dump. Thus, reducing environmental impact and minimizing operational risks and costs. The platform integrates with Nova ANCOLYZER® and can directly connect to any process tools.


  • Significant cost reduction of plating and waste, reduced tool downtime, and bath exchange frequency
  • Environmental, health, and safety enhancement by decreasing exposure to chemicals
  • Fully automatic container loader for docking and undocking
  • Secure material management via RFID
  • Optimized process stability and improved process control