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Nova Introduces Nova METRION®- our New in-line SIMS Product and Technology

Dr. Shay Wolfling, Nova's CTO is proud to introduce the Nova METRION®- our new in-line SIMS product and technology.

Demonstrating a DNA of InNOVAtion

There are Infinite ways to innovate and Nova is known to cultivate an atmosphere of innovation, encouraging our teams to take their brain power to the next level.

How Did the Name Kaufman Turn into a Synonym to InNOVAtion at Nova?

At Nova, 'Kaufman', became a synonym for innovation and groundbreaking ideas. So, you would hear people in conversation at Nova saying: "wow, that's a Kaufman!" Like saying: "great out-of-the-box thinking". When someone says: "This is a Kaufman Idea" they actually mean: "Great job!"

Four Years, Two Roles, One big Leap and Unforgettable Moments at Nova

Rita Chen joined Nova in 2018, right after earning her MSc in Materials Science and Engineering. She started working as an application specialist in the dimensional metrology division, and recently moved to the materials metrology division.


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