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Nova METRION®: Analyzing Materials Composition of Complex Stacks

Nova METRION® directly measures the composition of wafer materials using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS). METRION performs SIMS measurements in-line on full 300mm product wafers with complex film stacks for both logic and memory devices.

Do What You Love and the Rest Will Follow: How Eli Meril’s Longtime Passion for Physics Led Him to Nova

Meet Eli Meril, a Theoretical Physicist and Algorithm Developer who is part of the CTO-R&D group at Nova. He’s sharing with us more about how Nova is the perfect environment for him to nurture his love for physics while laying the foundation for groundbreaking discoveries.

Sharing the Love: How Yael Kurzweil Segev Blends Work, Family, and Fun into a Fulfilling Career By Sharing Her Passions with Others

Meet Yael Kurzweil Segev, a physicist working with the New Technology group at Nova. Yael shares how her lifelong curiosity and passion for education eventually led her to Nova and how she fosters that same curious nature she’s had all her life in her own children.

Ayelet Sapirstein: The Art of a Growth Mindset

Ayelet Sapirstein, an algorithm developer at Nova, discovered just a few years ago how passionate she was about art. It was only natural for her as a mathematician that she created a series of paintings that I called: Portrait of a Mathematician.


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