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Yi Yang

How Dr. Yi Yang’s Sense of Adventure Has Led Her on a Global Journey to Professional Fulfilment

Before studying in the US, Dr. Yi Yang had never been abroad. But she trusted her instincts, the encouragement of her family, and a chance to pursue her dreams to find success in her Ph.D. program. Today she's putting her skills in mass spectrometry to work at Nova and inspiring other young women to pursue careers in the sciences.

Ion Implantation Applications for In-Line SIMS Metrology

Ion Implantation Applications for In-Line SIMS Metrology

Ion implantation is a key process in the semiconductor industry but can be impacted by various factors. The article suggests using in-line Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy (SIMS) to improve implant process control and meet demand for consistent implantation materials by measuring peak concentration, peak depth, and dose simultaneously.

Shiran Rapaport

From the Negotiation Table to the Catchball Court: How Shiran Rapaport Makes It All Work

An Unshakable Foundation: Gila Amitzur Reflects on What Made Nova a Winner since Day One

Gila has been with Nova as early as 1/1994, almost since the beginning. As Nova's most veteran employee, Gila is trusted by others for her vast institutional knowledge and memories of how things were founded and evolved.


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