Nova ancolyzer®

Market-leading Chemical Metrology Platform for Back-End and Advanced Packaging

Nova ancolyzer® is a fully automated online chemical metrology platform designed with the most flexible architecture for advanced packaging processes. ancolyzer® offers superior analytical performance and supports a wide variety of analytical techniques for process control. The platform’s flexible and scalable architecture is configured to the specific process analysis and replenishment requirements. The platform’s superior accuracy and precision are coupled with uncompromising reliability and the highest availability.


  • Fully automated analysis and replenishment with the highest availability in the market
  • Flexible, open system architecture to fully meet customer requirements
  • Complete access to collected data for better characterization, troubleshooting, and process improvement
  • Communication interface to all major plating tools
  • Only front access required- optimized design for reduced tool footprint
  • Self-monitoring and diagnostics for failure detection