Nova T600® MMSR

Cutting-edge Dimensional Metrology platform for most advanced process nodes

The Nova T600 MMSR is Nova’s high-end stand-alone dimensional metrology platform targeted for critical dimensions (CD) and thin films measurements at the most advanced logic and memory technology nodes.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Multiple channels of information – providing wide spectral information for best metrology performance
  • Optimized Channel selection – For enhanced performance, productivity and time-to-solution
  • Robust platform – Reliable, proven system architecture
  • Configuration flexibility – For enhanced productivity and metrology optimization.
  • Future ready – Modular design to support future innovation and improvements

The Nova T600 MMSR extends Nova’s stand-alone metrology performance with new channels of information combined with unique algorithms for automatic channel selection. This capability enables the optimization of the optical measurement channels for best metrology performance while maintaining high productivity.

The Nova T600 MMSR delivers extremely low variability and market leading tool-to-tool matching to enable monitoring and tracking of sensitive parameters throughout the various steps in the process. Incorporating Nova’s advanced suite of modeling solutions, the T600 MMSR provides cutting-edge performance for critical dimensions (CD) and thin films measurements of the most complex layer stacks and 3D structures.

The T600 MMSR high productivity and unique modular design provides IC manufacturers an extendible architecture to support next generation technology nodes with best cost-of-ownership and ability to optimize their capital investment. The platform is supported by Nova’s central fleet management, control and connectivity solutions for boosted operational efficiency and advanced metrology control functionality.