Nova i500®

Industry-standard for Integrated Metrology

The Nova i500® is an industry-leading integrated metrology platform for process control in advanced logic and memory technology nodes.

Highlights and Benefit

  • The industry standard for integrated metrology in advanced technology nodes
  • Excellent metrology and productivity performance
  • A field-proven platform with outstanding reliability
  • Qualified for a broad range of process equipment tools
  • Unique configurations and field upgrade options

The Nova i500® delivers excellent metrology performance, angstrom level tool matching and exceptionally high throughput with outstanding reliability. Coupled with advanced modeling capabilities, the platform supports a broad range of Front-End and Back-End of Line measurement steps in CMP and Etch and is widely deployed in advanced nodes at logic and memory manufacturers.

The Nova i500® platform is qualified for a broad range of process tools and is available in multiple configurations. These include the Nova i500® Plus with enhanced metrology and productivity performance and the Nova i500 TLM (Thick Layer Measurement) designed for measurement of thick silicon layers in CMOS image sensors (CIS) and backside illumination (BSI) CMP processes.

The Nova i500® series is supported by Nova’s central management, control and connectivity suite for boosted operational efficiency and advanced metrology control functionality.