Advanced Control Database Server

RACS is a centrally networked server solution comprising of innovative hardware and software that seamlessly integrates with a fab’s network. This capability enables customers to manage multiple VeraFlex systems as a single fleet.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Centrally networked server solution for mixed VeraFlex fleet management
  • Seamless fab network integration
  • Optimizes fleet utilization and efficiency
  • Enables feed-forward applications

For applications where the results from the analysis of an earlier process step need to be retained and used during the subsequent analysis of a later process step, the RACS utility becomes essential. RACS makes it possible to run a feed-forward analysis i.e. sending forward a set of metrology results from a previous step in the process flow to aid in the current analysis. RACS enables maximum fleet utilization flexibility since pre- and post- measurements can be run on different VeraFlex systems.

When combined with the Intensity Matching Database (IMDB) utility, RACS can be used to centrally store and retrieve signal intensity data corresponding to a measurement of interest, and automate the tool-to-tool matching process. This facilitates more efficient capacity utilization and mixed fleet management.