Optical Spectrophotometry

Nova’s analyzers leverage optical spectrophotometry, a quantitative analysis technique using light to directly measure component concentration in a plating solution. The highly accurate and fast method combines spectrometry, the measuring of the spectrum, and photometry, the measuring of light absorption at one or several wavelengths. Requiring little maintenance, optical spectrophotometry such as UV/Vis covers multiple electromagnetic spectrums, such as UV (ultraviolet) wavelengths of 200 nm-400 nm and VIS (visible light) wavelengths of 400 nm-800 nm respectively.

With optical spectrophotometry, it is also possible to modify or extend the measurement of components that do not absorb light. This is done through a derivatization technique that creates a chemical reaction to transform the components into a measurable state.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Highly accurate, direct measurement of light-absorbing components
  • Non-destructive, non-reagent measurement (NRA)
  • Robust, fast and flexible (via modification of the wavelength’s d path length)
  • Broad concentration range – from ppb to g/L

Low maintenance