Nova i570®

Nova i570® HP Integrated Metrology System

Highest performance IM solution in the market

The Nova i570® HP is the leading member of the Nova i570® product Family. It is Nova’s most advanced integrated metrology platform that provides the highest metrology performance, process control and productivity capabilities. Targeting manufacturing of most advanced logic and memory technology nodes.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Highest throughput in the market supporting the newest and fastest CMP polishers
  • Superior within-wafer and within-die variation control
  • Market-leading accuracy, precision, and tool-to- tool matching specification
  • Full metrology compatibility with Nova i550® platform
  • Integration with leading process tools

The Nova i570® HP platform is the embodiment of Nova’s mission, as the Integrated Metrology market leader, to provide the highest performance platform for R&D and high-volume manufacturing fabs.
As the next step of the successful Nova i550® platform, the Nova i570® HP offers a breadth of spectral information, the smallest pad size and cutting-edge pattern recognition.

Nova i570® HP offers the highest throughput in the market, supporting the newest and fastest CMP polishers and allowing better within-wafer and within-die variation control by measuring more sites, as well as pre and post-wafer measurements. Enriched with Nova’s advanced modeling and algorithmic solutions, the Nova i570® HP provides major enhancements in metrology accuracy, precision and tool matching capabilities. 

The Nova i570® HP platform is supported by Nova’s central fleet management, control and connectivity suite for boosted operational efficiency and advanced metrology control functionality.