Nova QED

Offline Advanced Data Analysis, Recipe Creation and Maintenance System

QED is an offline recipe creation and data analysis platform, with a simple, user-friendly interface for analyzing spectra and optimizing production recipes. QED supports Veraflex III+ XF, Veraflex III XF and Veraflex III simultaneously.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Offline recipe creation and complex spectral analysis functionality
  • Shortens time to implement control recipes
  • Increases production availability
  • Supports VeraFlex® III XF and VeraFlex® III+ XF

The QED capability is built on PHI’s MultiPak’s package of extensive XPS analysis functions and has all the tools necessary to effectively manage film thickness and composition control recipes in high volume manufacturing. Advanced material analysis tools include periodic table interface, elemental peak selection, peak processing, high resolution contour maps of thickness and composition.