Chemical Metrology

Rich, Industry-Standard Chemical Analysis

Nova leverages a wide range of advanced chemical metrology analysis techniques designed to handle myriad metals and compounds at increasing intensity. Our cutting-edge techniques analyze the chemical composition of materials in electrochemical plating and e-less plating baths across back-end wafer-level packaging and front-end dual-damascene process steps.

Harnessing over two decades of technological excellence and leadership by recently acquired ancosys [GmbH], Nova offers industry-standard and unique technologies to provide the insight required to meet stringent material purity demands. Our flexible architecture enables various techniques like HPLC, CVS, titration, and optical spectroscopy to be installed together, in a coordinated way, with process control capabilities such as component dosing, bleed and feed, bath make-up, and replenishment.

Enabling customers to measure and control the chemical composition of ECP baths across the entire manufacturing process, our leading technologies help reduce operational costs, lower total cost of ownership, and increase yield.