The first in-line SIMS for statistical process control (SPC) of compositional profiles

Meet Nova METRION®: a fully-automated SIMS product validated for in-line production process control.  Nova METRION®  takes repetitive measurements out of the lab and into the fab where the time-sensitive information is critical for SPC.  Moving the capability into the fab, and enabling full-wafer mapping, shortens the time to feedback, and provides a quick ROI, by identifying process excursions when they occur, preventing scrap and expensive rework. 


  • SIMS technology enabling quantitative compositional profiling tailored for the fab  
  • Fully-automated, recipe-driven, 300mm HVM-ready 
  • Designed for process control of complex film stacks for logic and memory 
  • Fast, reliable, and repeatable SIMS data 
  • Validated on various high-value use cases for logic and memory 

Nova’s METRION® system is an innovative SIMS platform designed from the ground up for seamless integration into an automated factory workflow. The system is engineered to deliver high-precision metrology results for process control of complex films stacks for both logic and memory devices. METRION® measures the precise concentration of chemical species as a function of depth, generating compositional profiles that can be used to monitor and control various properties including dopant concentration, implant uniformity, and contamination levels.