VeraFlex® III XF

In-Line XPS and XRF System

The VeraFlex III XF combines enhanced XPS capability with a unique low energy XRF (LE-XRF) channel to address logic and memory device metrology challenges. The VeraFlex III XF is the industry standard for process control of applications such as FinFET HKMG, interconnect, and advanced memories. This industrial XPS system seamlessly integrates into production and R&D fabs and complies with the latest SECS/GEM and safety guidelines.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Market leader for in-line XPS and XRF metrology
  • Fully automated, 300mm thickness + composition solution
  • Complementary XPS and XRF sensitivity
  • Direct measurement of ultra-thin films and complex stacks
  • Wide application range