Optical Material Metrology platform implementing Raman spectroscopy in the fab

The Nova ELIPSON™ is a high-end standalone metrology system, optimized for measuring material properties such as composition, strain, crystallinity and surface properties, for both memory and logic segments. The platform utilizes Raman spectroscopy for Optical Material Metrology (OMM) to extract material properties of the areas under analysis. This smart, data-rich platform allows new information to flow fast on the production floor, bringing research-grade capabilities to the fab, from R&D to high volume manufacturing (HVM) stages.  


Highlights and Benefits

  • Fully automated, 300 mm HVM-ready  platform 
  • Designed for advanced 3D applicationsGAAFinFET3D-NAND and DRAM 
  • Multiple-wavelength source with high brightness 
  • Small spot suitable for in-die metrology  
  • Wide spectral range with high spectral accuracy and precision 

Nova ELIPSON is capable of solving a variety of applications in four key areas: direct strain measurements in advanced logic devices such as Gate-all-Around, crystallinity metrology for a host of materialsphase extraction of binary and ternary alloys, and Crystallographic defects detection 


Materials today are key performance enhancement drivers for advanced nodes, with new materials and alloys constantly introduced into the industry.  At the same time, manufacturing processes are becoming more and more complex. Such complexity drives an evolution in customer process control needs – and in turn metrology challenges – to provide extensive information on material properties in order to stabilize the process in the R&D stage and to ensure effective process control in HVM stagesTo meet these needs, we must be able to provide sophisticated and in-depth metrology capabilities previously available only in the lab.  

The Nova ELIPSON™ is a state-of-the-art high-volume manufacturing platform capable of delivering high throughput and high precision Raman spectroscopy-based measurements of in-die structures. It combines a multiple-wavelength source with high measurement accuracy, repeatability and stability. 

Providing non-destructive and fast measurements, the Nova ELIPSON™ offers high flexibility in implementing new applications across different technologies making it an ideal solution for solving multiple applications and use cases. 

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