Dimensional Metrology

Translate Metrology Data into Concise Insight

Nova offers in-line optical integrated and stand-alone metrology platforms. The metrology product portfolio, combined with our modeling algorithm software, delivers unique measurement capabilities for the most advanced semiconductor technology nodes.

Product Families

  • Integrated Metrology

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  • Stand-Alone Metrology

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  • Fleet Connectivity & Control

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Integrated Metrology
Nova is the market leader in the space of integrated metrology platforms with multiple generations of products. Our integrated metrology platforms enable advanced process control (APC) to monitor and control wafer to wafer variations of complex high-end CMP and Etch applications with high productivity and reliability required for the most advanced logic and memory technology nodes.
Stand-Alone Metrology
Nova’s stand-alone metrology platforms are utilized to characterize critical dimensions such as width, shape and profile with high precision and accuracy and are used in multiple areas of the fab such as photolithography, etch, CMP and deposition in the most advanced technology nodes, across all semiconductor leading customers.
Fleet Connectivity & Control
Nova’s Fleet Management and Performance Monitoring Center simplify the management and enhance the productivity of Nova tools in the fab. The platform’s ability to process and analyze large amounts of fleet and metrology data using advanced data analytic tools provides our customers with intelligent and predictive insights on tool performance and process trends.