Products Overview
Dimensional Metrology
Dimensional Metrology

Dimensional Metrology

Translate Metrology Data into Concise Insight

Nova offers inline optical integrated and standalone metrology platforms. The company’s metrology product portfolio combined with proprietary modeling algorithms and machine learning software deliver unique measurement capabilities for the most advanced semiconductor technology nodes to increase productivity, reliability and accuracy.

Standalone Metrology

Nova’s standalone metrology platforms are utilized to characterize critical dimensions such as width, shape and profile with high precision and accuracy. Providing unique data to solve critical applications, these platforms are used in multiple fab areas such as photolithography, etch, CMP and deposition for the most advanced technology nodes of leading semiconductor manufacturers.

Integrated Metrology

Nova is the market leader in integrated metrology (IM) platforms, offering multiple generations of products. Meeting the needs of the most advanced logic and memory technology nodes, the platforms enable advanced process control (APC) to monitor and control wafer-to-wafer variations of complex, high-end CMP and etch applications with high productivity and reliability.

Fleet Connectivity & Control

Nova’s software solutions combine advanced physical modeling, and machine learning algorithms with fleet management and big data capabilities to offer a complete modeling and application development suite designed to handle the most complex 3D and HAR structures.

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