Nova Fleet Management

Putting you in Control

Nova’s fleet management solution is designed to address the needs and working methodologies of metrology and process engineers in the fab and offers a comprehensive solution for managing large fleets of metrology tools to deliver high productivity, operational efficiency and boosted performance in high volume production environment of logic, foundry and memory customers.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced tool downtime
  • Centralized control of all tools in a fleet
  • Fleet level recipe data integrity
  • Enhanced functionality and fleet performance

Comprised of a centralized server dedicated for databases and data storage, network-connected tools and servers, Nova Fleet Management serves as the back-end platform that enables:

  • WRC – Wizard-based Recipe Creation and Wafer-less Recipe Creation. An intuitive, easy-to-use GUI simplifying recipe creation. Quickly and easily build recipes from existing elements. Upgrade package to Synthetic WRC is available for creating recipes ahead of having any product wafer by using CAD files information.
  • RMS (Recipe Management System). Driven by a centralized database, the RMS contains all tools’ recipes and allows easy distribution of recipes when changes are made. The RMS offers a quick snapshot of element sharing, displays links to NovaMARS® solutions, and lets you easily track recipe changes and do a roll back when necessary. Additionally, it includes user authorization levels to ensure fleet safety.
  • Centralized storage and management. Centralized database for all tools outputs. Storage capacity is configurable and enables modifications to be made, without interfering with tool operation.
  • Enhance Cross Tool Functionality. The fleet management centralized solution enables routing information between tools to enhance the overall fleet performance such as cross tool Injection of results and spectra.