Nova i550®

Nova’s Advanced Performance IM solution 

The Nova i550 is Nova’s cutting-edge integrated metrology platform that provides superior metrology performance for CMP and Etch process control in the most advanced logic and memory technology nodes.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Best metrology performance with new optics and unique modeling
  • High productivity IM tool 
  • Tight accuracy, precision, and Tool-to- Tool matching specs
  • Integration with leading process tools

The Nova i550 is designed to meet the process control challenges in the most advanced R&D and production lines. With new optics that provide wider spectral information, smaller pad size, advanced pattern recognition that optimally support unique modeling algorithms, the Nova i550 delivers the best metrology accuracy, precision and tool matching.

Addressing the need for high performance metrology that is closer to the process, the Nova i550 platform provides a significant boost in productivity that enables high sampling, multi-site measurement schemes and is qualified for integration with leading CMP and Etch process equipment vendors.

The Nova i550 platform is supported by Nova’s central management, control and connectivity suite for boosted operational efficiency and advanced metrology control functionality.