EHS Facility Administrator - Member of the Facilities team.As a Global EHS Assistant, you will play a crucial role in supporting the organization's efforts to ensure a safe and sustainable working environment across its global operations.You will assist the EHS team and work with Safety Officer in implementing and maintaining effective environmental, health and safety programs, policies, and procedures.Your responsibilities will include supporting regulatory compliance and promoting a culture of safety and environmental awareness.

Director of Corporate Environment and Facility Management - As the Director of Corporate Environment and Facility Management with a strong focus on Environmental (ESG) initiatives, you will play a pivotal role in leading the strategic direction of our organization's physical workspace and facilities, aligning them with our commitment to sustainability, safety, employee well-being, responsible business practices and adhere to regulatory standards. Your role involves overseeing the entire facility lifecycle while championing Environmental (ESG) principles to enhance our corporate reputation and operational efficiency. Your duties will encompass strategic planning, operational management, budgeting, and coordination of facility-related projects.