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Q1 2021

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Sarid Family’s Korean Summer Adventure: How a Business...

Eyal Sarid, a system engineer at Nova, never imagined that a two-month business relocation to South Korea would be right for him—what would he do so far from home, away from his family? Yet, with support from the Nova team on the ground, and crucially, with his wife and daughters joining him for the entire stretch, the trip turned into quite the adventure!

From Right to Left: Marina Kanibalotski Proves that Nothing ...

Meet Marina, a devoted mother of two, who has been an integral part of our QA department for over 5 years. Marina is a true embodiment of humor and optimism, radiating unparalleled creativity and curiosity, and possessing a remarkable capacity for continuous learning. When faced with the diagnosis of Parkinson's, she refused to let it […]