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Q2 2023

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From Transistors to a Complete System in Package – The 3D ...

The semiconductor industry shapes the very fabric of our technological age, influencing nearly every aspect of our daily lives and driving the global economy. Whether it's the smartphones we use casually or the High-Power Computing (HPC) systems powering cutting-edge Generative AI applications, powerful semiconductor chips lie at the heart of it all. These chips, comprised of numerous miniature semiconductor components, particularly transistors, are marvels of modern engineering. 

Nova Metrion®: Analyzing Materials Composition of Complex S...

Nova Metrion® directly measures the composition of wafer materials using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS). Metrion performs SIMS measurements in-line on full 300mm product wafers with complex film stacks for both logic and memory devices. Performing these measurements in the semiconductor fab, rather than in a cost-and-time intensive laboratory setting, provides faster results, which reduces […]