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Fresh Re-start in the Semiconductor Industry

Bill Fang, a chemical engineer, started his career in the semiconductor industry but then made a move to the textile industry. A few years later, he realized that he is much more interested to restart his career in the semi industry and chose to join Nova as an Application Specialist.

Bill, can you please introduce yourself?

I went to Taiwan University, and I majored in chemical engineering. My thesis for my master’s degree was in a not very well-known field called: Super Critical Fluid. After graduation I began working at TSMC, which is the world’s largest semiconductor factory. Then I moved to another company that specializes in polyester fibers and that was a big change for me. After a few years, I realized that I am much more interested in the semiconductor industry and here I am at Nova.

Why did you choose to join Nova?

Two of my classmates work for Nova and have strongly recommended that I join. I knew that Nova, with 30 years of industry, maintains a young and exciting atmosphere where the people are kind and respectful to each other.

So, it’s very different from my previous company. It’s a different culture because it is a global company with a multicultural atmosphere. I also heard that the well-being activities are real fun. It’s very funny because I haven’t experienced that before in my previous company since they were a more traditional industry and now I am enjoying the attention and treats. My previous employers focused a lot more on work and not life beyond the job, like making friends at work. So it is a refreshing change. 

How was your onboarding experience so far in the few weeks since you joined Nova?

I have been at Nova for four weeks in Taiwan, and on my fifth week, I was sent to Israel for a month of training. I knew this would happen even before I joined and was excited to travel, learn and experience the Nova spirit. 

What Does your training include?

The purpose of the training is to learn about the physical principles of Nova MARS and how to use software to solve the customer’s problem. 

Are you planning to also travel during your stay in Israel?

Yeah, we have gone to the beaches in Tel Aviv where our hotel is located, and we are planning to visit the Dead Sea, Jaffa, and Jerusalem… Also, our colleagues in the service team have already invited us to have dinner with them, which is a very warm welcome. 

What do you do in your after-work activities?

In Taiwan, I like to go to the gym, exercise, and strengthen my body. And I also enjoy mountain climbing on the weekend because there are lots of beautiful mountains. There are about 200-300 mountains that we could climb in Taiwan. I love to do this with my friend, because I like the isolation from the city, from the work. We have no signal on our cell phones when we enter the mountains, and we take care of each other. I also like to train at the gym to get ready for climbing. Those are two of my main hobbies. And the most important thing, I got married last year. 

Oh, congratulations!

thank you!

Nova Team
Nova Team

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