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From the Negotiation Table to the Catchball Court: How Shiran Rapaport Makes It All Work

Tell me a little about yourself.

I’m married to Peli who is a SW developer at applied materials, which means we both work in the Semi industry ????. Together we have 3 amazing girls: Yuli, Emily, and Yuval, and a Cat, Joy. I live in Beit Hashmonay and studied Management and Logistics.

What do you do at Nova and how long have you been working here?

I’ve been working for Nova for 9 years as a senior strategic buyer responsible for Electro-Optics Commodity, EFEM (FI) & Computing.  

I started out as a Strategic Buyer for Computing and Electronics and over the years, my career evolved, and I became a senior buyer, and my account was focused on strategic TK. Later on, I took the role of leading the RMA cycle across the Procurement team. I really enjoy exploring the processes and optimizing them as best as possible.

From your professional experience, what makes you choose Nova every day?

I have two main reasons:

First and foremost: the people working at Nova.
I go to work every day feeling that the colleagues I work with are also my personal friends and I would almost say they are like a family.  

And the second thing that makes me feel great working here is the professional challenges I am dealing with. In my position in the procurement department, Nova allows me to take responsibility for a vast array of commodities, to work with various position holders from CTO/R&D to the Production level. I’m constantly motivated to learn about new technologies, explore additional technical needs, and research so that I provide the best solutions for my counterparts at Nova. 
This allows me to develop optimal procurement agreements for the organization and make the best when I manage the day-to-day activities and relationships with the suppliers to assure positive partnerships in the long run.

We all know that the procurement department has an exceptionally unique friendly atmosphere- care to share a little about this? 

That is such an accurate description! The procurement team is my happy place! They are not just my colleagues or team members, they are my friends! I feel confident consulting with them and sharing my personal experiences. I know that I will always be accepted for who I am no matter what.  We do have a unique team with a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

I wouldn’t exaggerate by stating that at Nova I made my closest friends. The women that I talk to on a daily basis, share professional as well as personal experiences and life events, we spend our weekends together and even traveled abroad for vacation. Even our husbands became good friends, and they have their own WhatsApp group, which is mostly used to complain about us ????  

That sounds awesome.
You often travel for business- what does a typical business trip look like for you?

A typical business trip feels as though someone put my life on fast forward. There are so many things happening!
Many long-distance flights, long working days full of meetings, production reviews, and technical discussions alongside quality reviews. There is also some time for fun with dinner meetings or strolling around the cities I visit.
And then, in the morning back to the meetings. Sometimes it repeats on the following day or on my next business trip to a different location on the Globe.

One thing that always happens during these trips is that I miss my family very much. I am fortunate to have an amazingly supportive husband that helps me pursue my professional passion.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I am a huge fan of sports and in my spare time, I enjoy playing Catch ball. Basically, if I’m not at home or at work I’m on the court. 
Along with my friend and colleague from the procurement department, Efrat Arad, we initiated a women’s catch ball team here at Nova. This has been a long-time dream of mine, and now, with the support of Nova’s well-being team, this is actually happening and we already have a dozen great players getting together once a week for practice. This is really a dream come true.

This is really inspiring to see how you made your dream come true.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I hope to be happy and evolve my career in a way that challenges me to succeed and excel. 

Let’s finalize with a question many want to ask, but never dared: What is your superpower?

I jump really really high ????

Well, that sounds very useful for someone who plays catch ball and is as ambitious and energetic as you are

Nova Team
Nova Team

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